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Ringtone Maker is a free application that creates Android Ringtones, alarms and notifications from MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC (M4A) / MP4, 3GPP / AMR, MIDI files. Cut the best part of your audio song and save it as Ringtone/Alarm/Music File/Notification Tone.

Creating your own unique free Android Ringtones is quick and easy. You can set a start and end note by sliding an arrow along the timeline, by pressing Start and End to score, or by typing in a timestamp. This app is also a music editor/alarm tone maker/ringtone cutter and notification tone maker.

You can also record your own or your kids’ voices and make them into Android Ringtones or notifications. Enjoy reminding you to answer calls with your child’s voice.

Features and characteristics:

Download free Android Ringtones and music.

Copy, cut and paste. (So ​​you can merge different music files together very easily.)

Fade in/out for mp3.

Adjust volume for mp3.

Preview Ringtone files and assign to contact.

View a scrollable waveform representation of an audio file at 6 zoom levels.

Set the start and end points for a clip in an audio file, using the optional touch interface.

Plays the selected part of the audio, including the indicator pointer and auto-scrolls the waveform. 

Android Ringtones – mobile ringtone download

Play anywhere else by tapping the screen.

Save the trimmed audio as a new audio file and mark it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm or Notification.

Record a new audio clip for editing.

Clear sound (with confirmation alert).

Assign Android Ringtones directly to a contact, you can also assign or remove Android Ringtones from the contact.

Sort by song, Album, artist.

Especially, with the recording feature, you can record your own voice, or that of your loved ones, to make your ringtone. Free Ringtone Creator, Download Ringtone will provide users with the most unique and attractive Android Ringtones.

Ringtones Song Vitaba Features:

♫ Provide free popular Android Ringtones. You just need an internet connection

♫ Edit music to make ringtone: Cut, adjust start/end, volume up, down

♫ Record an audio clip and edit it

♫ Cut music correctly by second effect, smaller and bigger

♫ arbitrarily name the song after cutting

♫ Easily set as your device’s ringtone, notification, alarm, or contact ringtone.

♫ Quickly search for Android Ringtones

♫ Set ringtone for each contact

♫ Share cool Android Ringtones with friends.

Android Ringtones – download free ringtone music

Ringtone Maker will help your phone to play your favorite Android Ringtones and notifications. You can change the ringtone easily instead of getting bored with only one more ringtone.


We hope you will have the best Android Ringtones with Free Ringtone Creator, Download Android Ringtones. Please rate us with 5 stars and leave positive comments for the Google Play store

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