Three ways to change and make ringtones for 2022 iPhone, you can do it without a computer

How do I change the iPhone ringtone? How do you make your favorite music as mobile phone ringtones? Although already in 2021, the Apple iPhone to be more change ringtones or not so easy, but in fact, although the step is more complicated, but shining Benpian replace ringtones, make ringtone teaching made, it would not as we imagine the difficulties.

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Here are three ways to change iPhone ringtones , from simple to difficult, free to paid ringtones are also taught to everyone, and do not need to use a computer!

iPhone ringtone maker

These three methods are: “Buy ringtones directly”, “Use Garageband to make your own ringtones”, and “Use ringtone changer App”. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the appropriate method by yourself!

iPhone replacement ringtone: buy directly from iTunes

The first way to change iPhone ringtones is the simplest and has the most choices, but it costs money; just go to the built-in iOS “iTunes Store”> “Ringtones”, and directly select the songs you want to buy in the music library; The ringtone of a song is NT$30.

After the purchase is successful, iTune Store will ask you whether you want to set it as the default ringtone directly or as the ringtone of a contact person at checkout; or you can go to “Settings”> “Sound and Tactile Feedback”> “Ringtones” Inside, you can see the ringtones of the songs you purchased, so you can change the purchased music to iPhone ringtones.

The advantages and disadvantages of this method are:

Use iPhone to make your own ringtone: you can change it without a computer

The second way is to make ringtones through Apple’s Garageband App. You can enter any mp3 you like (or download from the Internet). As long as you want to make ringtones, the mp3 audio file can be stored in the iOS built-in In the “file” of the file, it can be made into the iPhone ringtone that you want to change.

As for the method of downloading MP3 and making audio files, you can refer to this article: How to make KKBOX and YouTube favorite songs into iPhone ringtones .

Here’s how to make ringtones by Garageband to teach you step by step!

Use Garageband to make iPhone ringtones

First go to the Garageband App and press “+” to add a new song:

Click “Recorder”:

Click the icon in the red frame below to start making iPhone ringtones:

Click on the place of the frame below:

Click “File” here, and click “Browse Items from File App” below, and then import the MP3 file you want to make as a ringtone. As for how to throw MP3 into the “File” app? As long as the files downloaded from Safari (including audio files), they will automatically be stored in it, or you can also drop them into the iPhone via Dropbox, etc., or even record them! You can also refer to this tutorial.

Then “long press the file” and keep it, you can drop the audio file into Garageband:

You can edit it here (you can also add material if you can compose), or cut the length of the music file; the iPhone ringtone is limited to 40 seconds, and you can adjust the length of the music according to the beginning and the end.

When finished, click the arrow in the upper left corner and click “My Songs”:

At this time, you will leave the composition screen and go to the Garageband portfolio page. Press and hold the ringtone you just edited, and the menu will pop up. Click “Share”:

Click “Ringtone” here:

This will output the piece of music just now as an iPhone ringtone! The same can be found in iOS “Settings”> “Sound and Tactile Feedback”> “Ringtones”.

Quick tutorial: How to make YouTube into mp3 files and then into ringtones?

As mentioned above, to import the mp3 files in the “Files” app, here is a quick guide to how to make YouTube videos into MP3 and save them in “Files”; first you can go to this website and directly enter the URL of the YouTube video, and then Click “Download MP3”, and click “Please right-click this link and select “Save as…””, or refer to this tutorial for downloading YouTube ringtones in 2020 .

Then the webpage will start downloading MP3 files, and the downloaded files will be stored in the “Downloads” in the iOS built-in “Files” app; then you can select from the downloads in the step of importing music to Garageband And made it into a ringtone.

It should be noted that there are many advertisements on this page, so it often opens a new tab, pops out of the window to block the download button, etc. If the download button is blocked by the advertisement, just press “X” to close it.

The advantages and disadvantages of using Garageband to make iPhone ringtones are as follows:

  • Flexible, you can make any music into ringtones (you can sing by yourself)
  • You can add materials and edit your favorite clips
  • More troublesome, you must first throw the MP3 into the “file”, and then use the Garageband series of operations to complete
  • Completely free

The way to make iPhone ringtones: third-party app downloads

There are also some “ringtone apps” on the App Store, but these software essentially only help you “download ringtones/music”. To make these music into ringtones that can be used on your iPhone, you still have to rely on the Garageband steps above, but it is not Save a lot of time for everyone, let’s see how to make it!

Here we use “Mobile Phone Ringtone Maker-Ringtone Setting Assistant” as an example, but other software is similar; after you click to create a ringtone, click “Download Online”:

There are a variety of genres and national music on the top, click on the favorite and download it, you can find it in the “My Ringtones” in the App; select “Make Ringtones” to start making iPhone ringtones.

Here you want to import the music into Garageband. If there is no Garageband in the share list, click “Others” and select “Copy to Garageband”:

In this way, the music file just now has been imported to Garageband! Same as the previous steps, after long pressing and holding, you can generate the iPhone ringtone to be changed (slide up if you forget how to do it, see the teaching in the first few paragraphs of this page):

The advantages and disadvantages of this method are:

  • Free, many styles
  • But it’s not as flexible as making it yourself
  • We still have to rely on Garageband to complete the last step, but the overall time is saved a lot

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